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The great flood of 2010


​On Thursday 4th March, Bollon awoke to encroaching flood waters. The school grounds quickly filled with flood water. By mid-morning the entire grounds were covered with water. Fortunately, low lying equipment had been moved to higher ground. The water continued to rise and rise to record levels. Several storage spaces were inundated, as was the Tuckshop. The school grounds would be immersed for the next 5 days.

Several students staying at the Hostel were stranded. They were very fortunate to be taken home by gyrocopter – an experience none of them will forget!

Apart from the news crew helicopters overhead, the most common form of transport became the boat.

After a second peak, the water finally began to subside. Bollon was no longer an ocean of brown but as the water subsided it revealed layer upon layer of mud with a horrible smell.

A team of locals came to help in the clean-up efforts. Remarkably, the school was reopened just one day after the water had subsided, thanks to these volunteers.

Although school was back, we had a new problem – the mosquitoes!

A truly amazing experience but one we can live without for a long time.


 The rising water, March 2010

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