Our community


​The community is close knit and the school receives significant support from businesses such as the post office, which handles our newsletter mailout every fortnight for us.

We have ‘tuckshop’ once a week from the local café.

The school works closely with the local hostel, which provides accommodation for students to board on a weekly basis.

We also work closely with the local South West Natural Resources representative who provides students with important learning experiences about sustainability. Our veggie garden is one particular project undertaken with guidance from the SWNRM representative.

About our town

Today we have a population of approximately 150 friendly people who reside on the surrounding properties, or in the close knit community on the banks of the Wallam Creek, that meanders its way through the town.

The creek recently flooded during extensive flooding of inland Queensland, reaching record levels and leaving the town inundated for a week. The bank along the creek offers a tranquil view for the visitors to the town mostly during the cooler months, as pelicans swim here. They can share the vista with the koalas that live in the eucalypts beside the creek. We have some great facilities in the town, from tennis courts to the council library and heritage centre and of course our local showgrounds. The town supports a few small businesses and our Post office is the town hub, servicing the properties along the Mitchell and Fernlee Roads.

Parents and citizens’ association

The P&C meets approximately once a month at 3.15pm in the school - a great chance to have your say.  Notices of meetings are advertised in advance in the “Bollon Bugle”. This association plays an integral role in setting the school development agenda.

Volunteer aides

Parents and community members' time is valued in the classroom and the school.  If you would like to volunteer some time, please let the Principal know.  The principal will negotiate with volunteers on the times and activities they can help with. All helpers must sign a register which is kept at the school. Any volunteers other than a parent are now required to undergo a “working with children” check.

A community resource register is maintained listing the names of people willing to contribute to enriching the learning experiences of our students.

Community use of the school community oval

The use of the school community oval is at the discretion of the Balonne Shire Council and the principal and permission must be sought.

Community use of the school grounds, building and equipment

The use of these resources by the community is at the discretion of the principal and permission must be sought at the office.

Last reviewed 13 January 2020
Last updated 13 January 2020